Jibu Announces Completion of $7 Million Series B Financing

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Jibu is excited to announce the completion of our Series B financing!

“We are proud to have attracted a world class group of investors to help Jibu execute on our vision of funding and growing a network of co-invested business owners who will revolutionize the way critical resources are leveraged to meet basic necessities in emerging markets,” said Galen Welsch, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jibu. “Our successful Series B raise provides the capital for Jibu to significantly increase the speed and quality of Jibu’s expansion globally.”

Read more from the Nasdaq GlobeNewswire.



Job Opening: Regional Director of Operations

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Title:             Regional Director of Operations, Jibu

Location:     Kampala, Uganda or Nairobi, Kenya or Kigali, Rwanda

Reports to:  Chief Executive Officer

Start date:   Second Quarter, 2018

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. 

The Position:

Jibu is looking for a business-savvy, motivated problem-solver ready to commit a minimum of two years to help lead a rapidly growing international company to profitability, while also making a big social impact. The successful candidate must be experienced as both a strategic leader and a hands-on manager, able to build systems while ensuring focus on the detail. The candidate will have successfully managed people at all levels and from varied backgrounds and cultures. The candidate must also demonstrate a proven track record developing successful managers and ensuring all team members are effective contributors to the business.

This position requires:

  • Street smarts to navigate both formal and informal components of the business
  • The ability to design and build innovative, solid systems while ensuring buy-in and ownership
  • An energetic self-starter, a proven problem-solver and someone willing to “roll up their sleeves” to do what it takes to get tough jobs done
  • Ability to work strategically, creatively, flexibly and persistently to solve gnarly challenges
  • Ability to coordinate a cross-functional team, from different disciplines and locations, and ensure effectiveness and efficiency throughout the operation.
  • Proven interpersonal, relationship and people management skills
  • Flexibility and willingness to travel frequently within the region
  • Experience in and ability to organize and improve on all components of the Jibu end-to-end global supply chain to optimize efficiency and cost

The position reports directly to Jibu’s CEO and works closely with Jibu’s COO. This Director will be focused on and responsible for overseeing and managing all operational and business aspects of Jibu in Africa – to include planning and supporting international expansion operations outside of current Jibu markets. The expectation is that the Director will quickly identify opportunities within the operation to make improvements and continue growth in the most effective way possible – this will include proactively identifying and overcoming gaps and weaknesses, assessing strengthens and utilization of team members, helping both staff and managers to develop priorities and implementation plans, help with the professional development of team members, incorporate fresh and innovative ways of doing things that will yield greater results for the company and its operations. Primary responsibilities will vary and will require hands-on involvement, persistence, long hours, and agility to respond to the challenges and needs that arise day to day in a timely manner.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Measure effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes both internally and externally and find ways to improve processes
  • Improve day to day accountability against operations and strategy across Jibu markets in close coordination with country directors, COO, CFO, and CEO
  • Design and revise external partner operating toolkits and manuals for both the individual franchise owner, and the Area Master Franchisor (AMF)
  • Integrate IT solutions in various operational arenas such as customer management, point of sale, inventory, and water quality and roll up into ERP system
  • Manage and support successful operations across corporate, franchisee and AMF stores, to include in part: quality assurance, approved products and suppliers, procedural compliance, retail offering compliance and brand protection
  • Coordinate communication, reporting, and compliance structures between technical, supply chain, franchise support, marketing, finance, development, training, and managerial departments
  • Oversee and manage the global supply chain strategy, operation and staff
  • Support financial planning efforts, including budgeting, forecasting and P&L analysis alongside the CFO
  • Assist the CEO and the CFO in developing and overseeing long-term business strategies
  • Assess and manage the principal risks of the business within operations
  • Direct the development and dissemination of operational reports and metrics to keep key stakeholders informed and current on activities across all Jibu markets


  • Strong business management experience; operations focus preferred
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience working in business in an emerging market context, preferably in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Cultural knowledge and experience working or living in a developed market context, preferably in Europe or the United States
  • A team player with a sense of adventure wanting to make a difference
  • Personality profile: practical, persistent, likeable, resourceful, organizer, likes challenges
  • Fluent English language skills
  • Experience working in a multi-unit business environment a plus


The successful candidate will earn a competitive base salary. Strong performance and/or equity incentives may be additionally offered on the achievement of organizational goals.

To apply: Send CV or Resume and cover letter to info@jibuco.com. In the cover letter, please explain why you are interested in the position and what value your skills and experience will add to Jibu. 

World Food Bank: Partner Spotlight

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Earlier this month, the World Food Bank sat down for an interview with our co-founder and President Randy Welsch! Click on the link below to learn more about the Jibu mission and our plans to work together in sub-Saharan Africa.


“I was trying to figure out why so many billions of dollars were being spent on this issue in emerging markets with so little impact. Back then, impact investing wasn’t really a term, but I thought there has to be a way to merge making money and making a difference. So, my son and I said, ‘Let’s do something together.’ But we recognized that what we did needed to be different, because there were so many unsustainable projects in the water sector.” ~ Randy Welsch

Carsey School of Public Policy: Jibu Case Study

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Carsey Perspectives: Local Owners Driving Lasting Solutions

An Innovative Model for International Development and Poverty Alleviation


Jibu seeks to simultaneously provide lasting access to affordable drinking water and to contribute to economic development through a network of locally-owned franchise businesses in East Africa and beyond.


As outlined in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, there is an urgent need for mechanisms that effectively scale proven interventions for tackling some of humanity’s toughest challenges (United Nations 2015). While there are exemplary models that have proven to be highly effective, there are relatively few examples that have achieved large-scale replication.

The application of business format franchising, one of the most popular and successful commercial business models over the last several decades, has recently emerged as a potentially effective and efficient approach to addressing societal challenges at scale. Social sector franchising harnesses business format franchising to reach large numbers of customers with necessary social goods and services. Social sector franchises are emerging around the globe, and are represented in diverse fields such as health care, clean water and sanitation, clean energy, and education.

This case study provides an overview of one such social sector franchise, Jibu. Jibu seeks to simultaneously provide lasting access to affordable drinking water and to contribute to economic development through a network of locally-owned franchise businesses in East Africa and beyond. This case study provides an overview of Jibu’s business model, operations, and approaches (Box 1).

As of December of 2017, Jibu has launched 200 businesses (more than one per week) across Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe since January 2015. Jibu franchisees have produced more than 45 million liters of safe drinking water during this time, serving consumers who on average earn less than $5/day (www. jibuco.com).

Finding Impact

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In this podcast (https://findingimpact.com/category/podcast/) hosted and produced by Finding Impact, we learn how the franchise model has made its way to social entrepreneurs in the form of a clean water company, Jibu, with Randy Welsch, Jibu’s Co-founder. Decades of entrepreneurship and investment in small enterprises led Randy to partner with his son to launch a bottled water franchise – a far cry from the world of software and satellite technology, where Randy concentrated most of his professional career.

This podcast sheds light on how the franchise model is working for Jibu, and we’ll learn more about:

  • The origin story behind Jibu, a father-son social enterprise that delivers clean water to bottom-of-the-pyramid consumers in Africa by iterating on the franchise model. Randy touches on pre-Jibu learnings during his consultancy with WorldVision, in addition to the small, private investments he made, that proved critical to Jibu’s launch.
  • How externally-led interventions fail communities and why local ownership is a game-changing approach to tackling poverty.
  • Why you might want to ignore the nay-sayers and confront prejudice against people in emerging markets, which are all-too-common attitudes among “experts” and expatriates working and living in BOP markets.
  • The importance of failure, why franchisees need to be bought-in to this mindset, and why Randy and his son started with a “20 ways to fail” list, which rose above 300, but never stopped them.
  • How Jibu built strategies for identifying local entrepreneurs that fit with the franchise model.
  • The specifics of Jibu’s franchise model from the perspective of the franchisee, from the contents of a Jibu store to territory management and how they build a franchisee pipeline.
  • The difference in attitude, energy and creativity between being an employee and a business owner.
  • How franchising builds collaboration and community rather than competition.
  • The structure of Jibu’s franchise model, including the responsibilities of the franchisor and the franchisee, and how the model may change as the company prepares for new country expansion.

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Connect to Randy:

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