Raconteur – Future of Franchising Special Report

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Micro-franchising: helping the world’s poor climb out of poverty

“Who Would Have Thought That Franchises Could Hold the Key to Stimulating Local Economies?” A new report published by Raconteur in The Times national newspaper examines the dynamics of social franchising as an efficient and effective model for growing entrepreneurship and reaching underserved communities. Click here to read the full article.

Job Opening: Global Marketing Director

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Title:               Global Marketing Director

Location:       Kampala, Uganda; Nairobi, Kenya; or Kigali, Rwanda

Reports to:     CEO, Jibu

Apply by:       November 10th, 2017

The Position: Jibu is looking for an experienced marketing professional to lead planning, development and implementation of all marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities. This will include working closely with the Executive team to develop, implement, and refine the optimum marketing strategies. The Global Marketing Director will be responsible for leading the effort and coordinating the resources to ensure consistent revenue growth and ongoing development of the Jibu brand both internally and externally.

This position requires:

  • An energetic self-starter: an ability to manage yourself, others, and resources to accomplish goals within agreed timelines
  • An ability and willingness to listen and learn quickly: a capacity to perceive and understand the needs of franchise partners and their customers, and to understand the importance of prioritizing and meeting those needs
  • Team player: an ability to work effectively with others and leave egos aside
  • Strong communication skills: ease in expressing ideas effectively, both verbally and in writing, in individual and group situations, for internal and external projects
  • Creativity and problem-solving skills: the ability to create and harness ideas and opportunities to achieve the company’s goals and to remain focused within a flexible structure. An ability to easily interact with and help direct creativity in traditional and nontraditional marketing mediums such as print, digital, audio, visual, and content collateral.
  • A focus on performance: experience knowing how to get the work done most effectively while juggling multiple priorities and deadlines
  • An understanding of and interest in contributing to positive social impact through business

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Market to and through Jibu franchise partners to enhance success of marketing to end consumers; increase results of franchisees’ sales efforts across diverse countries, markets, and communities
  • Provide strategic guidance to Executive team on all marketing related matters; develop and implement strategic and tactical marketing plans
  • Assist in positioning and projecting the Jibu global brand consistently and positively; manage and develop public relations strategies with a particular focus on local markets
  • Design and facilitate marketing training to franchisees, corporate staff, and franchise sales agents and support people;
  • Lead the production of all Jibu marketing materials and events; manage Jibu’s copywriting, graphic design, marketing guidance and counselling, slide production, digital support and social media, merchandise, and all other consumer, franchisee, and external-facing marketing collateral


  • At least 5 years’ experience providing guidance, motivation and leadership to marketing and sales teams (and ideally franchise partners) on a one to one and one to many basis
  • A demonstrable aptitude to research and understand a market and its intermediate and end customers and then apply the integrated knowledge to identify relevant market opportunities and approaches
  • Successful track record of using demographic and other market intelligence to build effective consumer-based strategies
  • Experience working and residing in emerging markets
  • Evidence of strategic thought leadership
  • Excellent interpersonal (including presenting to and being able to command the interest and interaction of large and diverse audiences) and written communication skills
  • Native of or willing to reside in East Africa; significant experience in global marketing roles
  • Ability to use Photoshop and other photo or video editing skills a plus
  • Fluent in English, conversational in local dialects a plus

Compensation: The successful candidate will earn a competitive salary commensurate with their experience.


To apply: Send CV or resume to

Jibu Impact Report

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In partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Partnering to Accelerate Entrepreneurship (PACE) initiative, Jibu is happy to present an analysis of our community impact. Please click here to read the full report.

Job Opening: Human Resources & Training Manager

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Location:        Kampala, Uganda or Kigali, Rwanda

Reports to:     Chief Operating Officer

Start date:      August or September 2017

Apply by:        August 18th, 2017

The Position: Jibu is looking for an experienced professional with demonstrated ability to provide leadership, training and support in human resources and administrative support services to managers and associates in a fast-paced, growing business in a developing market.

This position requires:

  • An energetic self-starter with the experience and insight to be proactive and work independently
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility and creativity
  • The ability to effectively juggle multiple priorities while meeting needs and deadlines
  • An understanding and interest in contributing to positive social impact through business

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Recruiting for open positions within the company at the global level, and coordinating and facilitating recruitment for open positions at the country level
  2. Developing position criteria, creating and / or keeping existing job descriptions up to date
  3. Conducting and coordinating interviews, internal feedback and reference checks
  4. Onboarding of all new employees, to include continuously updating and improving documentation and processes
  5. Taking charge of Jibu’s intern and fellowship program – from sourcing and selecting candidates, to development of key performance indicators (KPIs), to assisting with their relocation and settlement in-country as needed
  6. Leading the analysis, evaluation and planning efforts required to determine the on-going staffing and training needed to effectively meet the demands of a growing company within the means / budget of a social enterprise.
  7. Participating in and taking the lead and / or assisting as necessary with training and human resources needs in new markets as a member of the Jibu expansion / development team
  8. Providing expertise, direction and best practices in organizational development, team building and continuous reinforcement of Jibu culture and values
  9. Assessing and addressing business and leadership development needs and working with management on succession planning
  10. Providing mediation and facilitating conflict resolution as needed
  11. Designing and implementing an electronic Learning Management System (LMS) to standardize training material and processes across markets.
  12. Assessing and anticipating training and re-training needs
  13. Providing or working with Trainer or training resources to provide training in various areas of need for the business
  14. Developing work performance, training impact and employee engagement measures and working with team members to implement and develop action plans
  15. Evaluating effectiveness of procedures, processes and systems in the human resources and training arenas, working with management to continue to adapt approach, delivery, materials, etc. as required
  16. Creating new, as well as refreshing existing, channels and modes of internal communication and training delivery based on external data and internal best practices
  17. Ensuring employee records are compliant and up-to-date
  18. Collecting employment data and producing HR reports for distribution in-country and enterprise-wide as needed
  19. Collaborating with and assisting team members and management with additional duties and responsibilities as required 


  • 4+ years’ experience in training and related areas of responsibility in an emerging market context, preferably in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Experience working with a for-profit business
  • Cultural knowledge and experience working or living in East Africa
  • A team player with a sense of adventure wanting to make a difference
  • Personality profile: practical, persistent, likeable, resourceful, organizer, likes challenges
  • Full mastery of Microsoft Office and experience with more complex software
  • Fluent in English, familiarity with local dialects a plus

Compensation: the successful candidate will earn a competitive salary commensurate with their experience.

To apply: send CV or Resume to Anna Taugher,

Why Franchising Was the Key to Success for These 6 Young Entrepreneurs

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Do you have a big idea, dream or passion that you want to turn into a business? Have you always wanted to start your own company, but feel worried about how you’ll grow it in the future? Are you eager to help others realize their dreams? Then franchising may be for you.

According to the International Franchise Association, the total number of franchises in the U.S. stands at about 800,000. They employ 9.1 million people and contribute $552 billion to the GDP. Franchising, in other words, is no small business.

Franchising can help business owners expand quickly without spending an exorbitant amount of time, money and resources in order to scale. Here, six successful entrepreneurs share their stories of why and how they franchised their businesses, and what franchising has done to help them achieve their life purpose.

Galen Welsch, 29, is the cofounder & CEO of Jibu, a social enterprise that provides opportunities for entrepreneurs in underserved, emerging market communities to own businesses – and help solve the water crisis. Jibu has scaled a network of locally-owned, financially independent and self-sustaining franchises that provide safe drinking water to their communities while offering job skills training and employment.

Within two years, Jibu has grown from two pilot shops to 190 franchise locations in three countries: Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. Through the combined efforts of franchisees and microfranchisees, Jibu has sold close to 30 million liters of safe drinking water, introduced fortified porridge as a health-improving supplement, attracted 150,000 daily consumers and created 568 jobs.

While living and working in Africa, originally as a member of the Peace Corps, Welsch “became convinced that eye-to-eye partnerships with local entrepreneurs are necessary to solve the world’s pressing issues, such as lack of safe water.” He cofounded Jibu in the belief that a socially-just business model can transform lives, turning scarcity into abundance. Doing this is, Welsch feels, his life purpose.

“Social franchising, with its profit-driven model and ability to quickly scale, coupled with impact goals, is the best way to systemically bring change to communities,” Welsch said. “In developing markets, in particular, franchising provides the structure and tracks to run in but also relies on true local ownership. Typically, microfinancing and other mechanisms do not provide enough of the tools needed for business growth and success, while other traditional NGO interventions do not give true fiscal ownership to locals. By combining the franchise model with asset financing, we are able to provide the balanced ingredients needed for emerging market success.”

To others interested in franchising, Welsch offers this advice, “Have the grit and courage to build the plane as you fly it, and the humility to recognize that success is made up of millions of failures and pivots.”

MeiMei Fox is a New York Times bestselling author, life coach, mother to twin toddlers, and blogger at Adventures With Twins.