How We Do It

Drinking water draws high traffic to each storefront. With these well-placed, high traffic locations, franchisees are also perfectly positioned to leverage their storefronts to provide other needed products and services to their customers.


Competitive with the cost of boiling


Aspirational design of bottles; convenience of dispensing


Water taste, safety, and quality


Conveniently located close to the customer


Jibu provides a turnkey model giving each franchise the full suite of equipment, training and tools required to run a successful business, with water as the anchor product. Some franchises have recently begun selling fortified porridge, with other products in the pipeline.


Distribution Model

Franchises purify existing water sources in high-density urban and peri-urban communities and focus on the neighborhood within walking distance of the storefront. Jibu franchises are decentralizing access to safe drinking water to make it ubiquitous and utterly convenient, similar to what cell towers have done for phones. We are able to make a profit while keeping costs low for our customers due to our strategically planned distribution network, the avoidance of middle-man markups, and our re-fillable bottles.



Each franchise is equipped with eco-friendly ultra-filtration equipment that produces commercial-quality drinking water. Whether it is contaminated tap water, a lake, a well, or a spring, we can filter water from almost any source. We partner with Healing Waters International, who has designed and built a pressure-tested, custom-fit system for us – the SolarPure Ultrafiltration system – which pushes 30 liters per minute and uses less energy than a toaster. Ultrafiltration allows healthy, naturally-occurring minerals to pass through but filters harmful bacteria and parasites, making the water safe while localizing the taste to each community.


Customers pay a bottle deposit and then exchange an empty bottle for a full bottle, similar to how glass Coke bottles are exchanged. Our custom-designed bottles include a 20L dispenser with a tap, an attractive 7L and a foldable 1.5L bag bottle, all re-usable and all sealed with a government quality certification. This fosters customer loyalty and, more importantly, means that consumers pay only for water, not plastic waste. The price per liter is cheaper for larger volumes, in line with our strategy to reach families and children.


We sell to 70% of the underserved population within walking distance of the store, who typically drink boiled or untreated water as they cannot afford to regularly purchase safe water. Through providing safe drinking water, Jibu greatly reduces water-borne disease as well as the carbon emissions and respiratory illness caused by boiling water over wood and charcoal. Alongside the health benefits and reduction in medical expenses, customers also save the time and charcoal costs that would otherwise go towards boiling water.

Flow of Funds

Jibu Corporate raises capital through investments, low interest debt and grants. Through the capital raised, Jibu provides local entrepreneurs with water filtration equipment, financing, in-store supplies, marketing, branding, and training to start a business treating and selling water. Each entrepreneur reports to Jibu Corporate and pays a start-up fee as well as a Franchise Network Fee once the franchise reaches profitability through volume of water sold. As long as water is sold at our minimum threshold, franchisees are generally cash flow positive in about 3 months, with Jibu Corporate expecting to be cash flow positive in roughly 3 years. Structured as peer partners, Jibu investors receive a return only as individual franchisees succeed and grow. To see a detailed pro-forma, please contact us.