Why Hybrid

Jibu’s 5-Year Impact Projections


  • 1,000+ locally-owned, mission-oriented businesses

  • 325 million liters of water sold

  • 8,000+ quality jobs created

  • 300 tons of CO2 saved

  • 5,000 women and youth employed


A true hybrid social enterprise, Jibu is a for-profit business with the integrated goals of making money and making charitable impact. Profits fuel the scaling of our charitable purpose. Our dual goals are enforced via our L3C structure and Operating Agreement, which mandates establishment of “a business in which profit, although of subordinate importance to our primary charitable purpose, is a key enabler of our ultimate mission to provide self-propagating solutions for those who most need it.”

An L3C (“Limited Liability Low-profit Company”) is a for-profit company similar to an LLC, but which by law must align its charitable impact with profit-making. The phrase ‘low-profit’ is a misnomer; there is no limit to the profit an L3C can make as long as the profit is properly aligned with charitable purpose.

Many investors have one pocket from which they invest and another pocket from which they donate. Jibu allows investors to do both from one pocket because we always keep profit-making aligned with our charitable purpose.

Overflow, Inc. is a partner 501c3 nonprofit whose purpose and charitable impact goals are well aligned with Jibu’s. This gives investors a choice of vehicles through which they can participate.