Why We Are Different


We are not a charity, non-profit or NGO.

We are a for-profit social enterprise focused on making profit and making impact at the same time. Profit and lasting impact are inter-dependent in our model.

We are not a typical for-profit business either.

We are organized as an L3C, a hybrid US entity that better enables profit to fuel our charitable goals. We also have a partner 501c3 US public charity, Overflow, that can receive donations and grants to augment Jibu’s charitable goals for our supporters who choose to participate that way.

Sustainability is not our goal.

Generating enough revenue to sustain operations is too low of a bar. Jibu franchises generate enough profit to not only recover our capex investment but also fuel organic and expansive growth.

Our core market is all the poor who cannot afford safe drinking water daily, not just the ‘poorest of the poor.’

We make drinking water radically affordable to all underserved urban populations. The bottom 90% are poor as it relates to the ability to afford trusted drinking water daily, not just the bottom 20% ‘poorest of the poor.’ The top 10% will continue drinking expensive bottled water from luxury brands. The middle 70% are our primary customers. Jibu’s Water Club subsidizes the price to ensure our water is also affordable to the ‘poorest of the poor’ bottom 20%.

We are not rural.

The massive underserved urban population is our focus. Eventually we will adapt and test our model with peri-urban and rural populations but for now we are exclusively urban.

We do not drill wells.

Franchisees draw water from existing sources near their storefront, then filter, bottle, seal and sell the water to customers within their neighborhood.

We are not a water kiosk.

Jibu franchises are small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the time of launch. Franchises generate impressive gross revenues, lease a large retail and production space, and employ 4-10 people each.

We are not driven by pity or patronization.

Our co-invested local franchisees are treated eye-to-eye. They are inter-dependent peer business partners with us and their fellow franchisees. They significantly invest in true business ownership and largely control their own successes or failures.

Delivering drinking water that is just safe is too low of a standard if we want viral acceptance.

To meet the demand for safe drinking water, the water must also taste good, look good, and be hyper-convenient (within very close walking distance or delivered to the home).

We do not directly compete with bottled water companies.

Commercial bottled water is not affordable to our target market. We compete for the business of those who drink untreated or boiled water. Our customers easily understand our value proposition: good, fast, and cheap! Jibu water is higher quality and more convenient than boiled water, for the same or a better price.

We do not give away drinking water for free.

The middle class and poor customers of our franchisees are far more able and willing to pay a fair price for trusted, properly packaged drinking water than what many have been led to believe. Even our Water Club customers must pay a small amount.

We are not a relief organization.

We are a ‘business model’ company seeking to innovatively deploy patient capital and resources to equip emerging markets to solve their own development challenges in systemic, lasting ways.

Our core passion is not only water.

Our core passion is to pioneer a more effective win-win approach to deploy developed market resources with emerging market entrepreneurs. The near term goal is a network of interdependent social franchisees with the business acumen to leverage their high visibility retail stores to sell many healthy products and services.

We are passionately transparent.

We are glad to share our mistakes and internal learnings. Our solution is designed to be transparent, open source, rapidly replicable, and copied by competitors. Jibu is not the right answer in many situations. The water crisis is too big for any one company to solve, so we hope to make it easy for others to be inspired by our successes and failures.

We do not allow customers to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle)

Most companies allow customers to bring their dirty bottles to be filled with safe water. Some offer bottle cleaning, but the cleaning is often ineffective and the water consequently re-contaminated. We maintain quality control of our bottles which are branded, sealed, and certified by a government audit to ensure only trusted drinking water is delivered to the doorstep.