Jibu is proud to be a leader in the new wave of how social impact is structured and delivered. There are many ways to become a part of Jibu. You can donate, invest, share expertise, or start your own franchise.

DonateYou may donate to one of the specific projects below, or make a general donation through our US public charity 501c3 partner, Overflow.


Jibu invests about $5000 USD to build-out each new storefront on behalf of the franchisee. These renovation requirements include installing plumbing and drainage, a sales counter, painting, and building storage shelves. Donors to this initiative make it possible for each franchisee to meet regulatory building requirements and to function with an operationally efficient and attractive storefront – this is the key to getting more safe water to needy communities.



Jibu franchisees sell drinking water at a very affordable price, but there are still those who cannot access our water because they cannot afford to pay a new bottle deposit. For this portion of the population, Jibu removes the financial barrier with a small, one-time subsidy funded through charitable donations to the Water Club program. These donations help Jibu serve the neediest while continuing to support local business through the franchise model. Every $10 donated gives one family access to safe drinking water.



Jibu water treatment systems are designed to be highly energy efficient and compatible with solar. Solar power is more environmentally friendly and may allow Jibu to harvest carbon credits in the future. However, the upfront cost of integrating a solar system is high, ranging between $4000 – 6000 USD depending on the installation specifics. Donors to this initiative will directly benefit the franchisee in very tangible, environmentaly – friendly, and lasting ways.


investRent Deposit Fund (Investment Loan)

In East Africa, tenants are expected to pay landlords 3-6 months’ rent in advance to secure a lease for a storefront. Storefront rent ranges from $300-$700 USD per month, meaning that a franchisee may require $1,000-$4,000 USD upfront to obtain a lease. Many franchisees do not have this amount of money readily available. The Rent Deposit Fund enables a franchisee to borrow money from Jibu at an interest rate of 6-10% (interest rates in East Africa range from 15 – 25%) Jibu guarantees payback to the investor with an annualized 4% return, ensuring that investors are repaid even if the franchisee defaults. Investors earn a return, while aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dream of opening a business. Contact us to learn more.

share-your-expertiseAre you a COO? Writer? Engineer? Logistics expert? Chief bottle washer? Jibu has a need for professionals from a variety of sectors. Help us bring safe water to millions in need by doing what you do best. Our operations manual, website, operating agreement and much more of what makes up Jibu is thanks to experts who have donated skills and expertise. Please contact us if you are interested in lending your talents.