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For water or any other inquiry, call or WhatsApp: 0783 324578. For water payments we accept ZimSwitch, Visa, Mastercard, Zipit, EcoCash and Cash.

Jibu Products

While boiling water at home is time-consuming, expensive and harmful due to smoke and CO2 release, Jibu water is 100% healthy, convenient, and affordable. Designed with you in mind, Jibu is bottled locally in a variety of sizes, specially designed for your ease and convenience. Stop by any of our franchises for a first purchase or refill. Doorstep delivery is also available for a small fee (the following prices do not include delivery).

5L Bottle

First Purchase USD
Exchange (Refill) USD TBD


First Purchase USD
Exchange (Refill) USD TBD

20L Bottle with Tap

First Purchase USD
Exchange (Refill) USD TBD

Business Opportunity


Jibu is a profitable and meaningful business opportunity.

Jibu gives you everything you need to start a successful business – startup capital, state of the art technology, and expert business advice to ensure you and your company succeed. Becoming a Jibu franchisee means your friends and neighbors can afford refreshing drinking water just steps from their home. For more information about becoming a franchisee in Zimbabwe, please email zimbabwe@jibuco.com.

Our Technology

Whether it is contaminated tap water, a lake, a well, or a spring, we can filter water from any source. For customers, Jibu water never stops flowing! We partner with Healing Waters International in Colorado, United States, and test source water at each location to configure our system to produce the most high-quality, affordable, and delicious water for your neighborhood.

Contact Us

For all inquiries, please call or WhatsApp: 0783 324578, or email zimbabwe@jibuco.com.